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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


When Two Hearts Meet!

When two hearts meet
A beginning from a lovely seed
A love story far exceeds
Of Romeo and Juliet it supersedes

An Islamic love story that had never been told
As this is about to be unfold
A lady matured and bold
A kind young lady with a sincere soul

There is no tragic end
In Islam love is Godsend
When two hearts unite
In Allah it is tied.

Or when two lovers greet
From an Islamic breed
And when love meets
It is a blessing indeed

In Islam, this is the nature of love
Like a pair of lovely doves
As Allah (swt) is put far above
Of all things as HE truly deserves

The love between a man of 25 and a woman of 40*
Never it shown a line of faulty
As the pair lived happy**
For Islam they sacrificed aplenty

She was a pious wife
She was willing to loss her wealth and even life
When the enemies cut like a knife
This is the path they strived

A love story without a twist
As husband and wife they lived in peace
The storms they conquered together
This is the lesson we gather

In Islam love is sweet
Not just merely announcing in facebook, flickr or just tweet
A love story of ups and downs with plenty of sacrifice
As Jannah is the ultimate price

A true love story shown by Khadijah (ra) and Rasululllah (saw)
Just for the sake of Allah (swt)
Now to seek this glory
We have to learn from this Islamic Love Story

Now Muslims are in a state so sad and sorry
When A Twilight Saga “Breaking Dawn” – The Vampire story
A movie we relish and cherish
All Islamic examples thus go unnoticed! Alas it shall perish

But when this happened
Islam will never be awakened
So Muslims take heed
The many examples from the Islamic creed

- by Qalamuddin  ( IslamicPoem )

* The Status of Khadijah (ra): “Jibraeel came to house of Rasulullah (SAW) and Khadijah (RA) was there. Jibraeel said: “Allah sends his salaam to Khadijah.” Rasulullah (SAW) said: ”O Khadijah, Allah is sending His salaams to you.” She said, “Allah is As-Salaam. And upon you O Jibraeel, be as-salaam and upon you Rasulullah be as-salaam.” (Bukhari)

** Al-Quran 30:21 “And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.”

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvSSqs4_osY



    Sebuah video Islamik tentang kisah benar mengenai 2 pasang kekasih yang bertemu jodoh sebelum berkahwin. Namun, apa yang menarik minat tentang video ini ialah cara mereka berdua mula bertemu.

    Video berdurasi 5.10 minit ini menceritakan bagaimana Nazuha dan Taqiuddin bertemu buat pertama kali apabila Taqiuddin terjumpa sebuah dompet selepas menunaikan solat di masjid. Ketika menunaikan solat, Taqiuddin telah memohon doa pada Tuhan agar diberikan petunjuk dan jodoh hidupnya.

    Selesai sahaja berdoa, Taqiuddin yang mahu menuju keluar telah melihat seorang wanita bernama Nazuha telah tercicir sebuah dompet. Taqiuddin lantas mengutip dompet itu dan terus bergegas ke keretanya untuk mengejar Nazuha yang ketika itu sudah menaiki sebuah kereta lain. Tidak mahu jadi ‘spoiler’, anda tonton sendiri video ini yang amat menyentuh hati kami.

    Cinta Butterfly!

    Nazuha & Taqiuddin


    Prop : Atiyah
    Skrip: CST Breed + (Skrip AAC)
    Pembantu Pengarah: Rizal & Zulfadhli
    Pengarah: Rifaiee Omar
    Producer: CST Breed & CST Production

    Credit :Gayat Footage
    Song credit to :
    Sherina - Jalan Cinta
    Melly goeslaw ft. andhika pratama - Butterfly



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